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Clutch Repair in Gravesend

Clutch Repair in Gravesend

This 2011 Skoda Octavia came in to us for a clutch replacement as it had completely stopped working and now wouldn't even go into gear. After a few hours work we managed to get the gearbox apart and then we could identify why this fairly new clutch had stopped working.

Unfortunately this customer has a bit of a habit of leaving their foot on the clutch pedal while the car is in gear (Riding the clutch). This unfortunately causes unnecessary wear and tear on the clutch and inevitably a replacement will be required.

Clutch repair in Gravesend

2011 Skoda Octavia Clutch

Clutch replacement in Gravesend

This particular clutch was getting so hot from the friction it had actually cracked the solid medal on the pressure plate.

Our advice is to change gear then simply take your foot completely off of the clutch pedal and rest it on the floor.

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