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My name is John Clayden and I am the owner and proprietor of Startrite Engine Tuning in Gravesend.

I have been working in the field of engine tuning and diagnostics for over 30 years, the last 25 running my own business. I have seen countless changes in the development of cars and car engines and how manufacturers have had to comply with modem European emission laws. As such I have had to keep up-to-date with all these changes and developments, both in terms of my knowledge and testing equipment.

As a natural progression in the field of engine tuning and in partnership with my son Sam we are now proud to be agents for "Viezu" who are the leading writers and developers of performance and economy engine ecu remapping files in the UK and the rest of Europe. Please see our website for full details of the improvements available for you vehicle.

Whilst the modern motor-vehicle engine is much more efficient than its predecessor, the importance of keeping it maintained cannot be stressed strongly enough.